How to keep yourself motivated in Winter

The winter season brings for many practised runners, a fresh set of hurdles and challenges.


The warm summer air we took for granted is replaced by a colder fresh breeze of winter. The days are shorter, and your motivation to get up and go for a run can become more and more diminished. 

So what do you do to stay motivated? Lucky for you, we've got a bumper packed list of tips and tricks...

1. Use tools that motivate you

Whether it's a fancy gadget that monitors your average time, or clever GPS apps such as Strava (you can follow us here, BTW!) tracking and analysing progress can be a great way to keep yourself motivated in the winter months. It doesn't have to be the latest equipment, so long as it keeps you going and does the job!

Our Event Director personally loves the Nike Running App and specifically recommends their 'Guided Runs' which you can find here.

2. Train with friends or in a group

We find that there's nothing more motivating than a great run with our closest friends. Whether it's your local running club, an impromptu jog around the park with a colleague, or a lover's Sunday sunset sprint, get out there with your nearest and dearest, we promise it will do the trick!

3. Reward yourself with some new training gear

The best thing about Winter? The sales of course! With Boxing Day sales and plenty of end of season offers in stores and online, now's the perfect time to treat yourself for all of your hard work. Go on... treat yourself! 

4. Plan your goals and objectives for 2022

It may feel weird planning for the next year already... but a great way to keep yourself motivated in the colder months is to set yourself a healthy and achievable goal! Whether it's improving your track time, cutting off a few pounds or recovering in time for a big run (which, BTW, is just as important as your training!) it's a sure-fire way to make every run feel worth it!

And if we're talking about planning, why don't you start your training for RunFestRun 2022? Certainly wouldn't do you any harm... 😉