The team behind RunFestRun are putting their money where their mouth is and have launched their own running club to train for RunFestRun 2020!


Some are super fit and run most days.

Some of them trundle out once in a while and cover a few miles at a time.

Some of them couldn't run a bath.


The people who work tirelessly to bring you the nation's biggest running party are practicing what they preach. Starting exactly six months before the next RunFestRun, the team - who have each assigned themselves a level and personal goal for next May - will be supporting each other and tracking their progress along the way. They'll be trying to encourage (bully) some more colleagues to join as the weeks go on as well so they're not the only ones feeling the benefits (or suffering, depending on which of them you ask!)

Make sure you follow RunFestRun on social media for weekly RunClubRun updates on how they are progressing and get to know the people who organise your favourite festival through the highs and lows of training.

A few of them are champing at the bit to beat each other's distances and times. Others are cursing the peer pressure that got them into this. One doesn't even own trainers (yet). Meet Team RunClubRun!

Who's in which group?

The Team