Run3D will be back providing their specialist 3D gait analysis service to help you treat and prevent injuries, and improve performance. 

Run3D uses cutting-edge infrared technology from Oxford University to accurately measure your running gait. Their expert team of orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists and biomechanics experts use this information to deliver evidence-based advice on injuries and performance.  

The 45-minute appointment includes:

- 3D gait analysis
- Report review with a Run3D expert.
- Evidence-based advice (e.g. rehabilitation programme, footwear, performance and injury recommendations, gait re-education) 

Run3D is suitable for runners of all ages and abilities and those who are injured or uninjured. Please note that the Run3D service was completely sold-out in advance at RunFestRun last year, so book early appointment to avoid disappointment.     

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TRIBE was inspired by a 1,000 mile run to fight human trafficking. Their mission is to lead a revolution in performance nutrition by trusting nature, and to inspire their tribe to reach their infinite potential.

Join them at their finish line cool-down area for vitalising snacks, replenishing protein shakes and a whole load of activities to get those muscles back to mellow.

Six Physio

Don't treat, cure. 

Six Physio have been treating painful backs, stiff shoulders and dodgy knees in London for well over 20 years. They stand out because they do the really simple things well to get brilliant, long term results and believe that bad Physio is not on, ever.

Minimise your aches and maximise your recovery whilst at RunFestRun. Six Physio will be in the Shopping Village right next to the finish line… you know it makes sense to treat yourself after a great day of running! Massages can be booked on the day and cost £10 for 15 minutes. 

Gerad Kite

Gerad Kite practice Five-Element Acupuncture as taught by the late Professor J.R. Worsley and perform well over 1000 treatments every year. Doing their utmost to help the people that seek help to improve from all kinds of emotional and physical symptoms and in many cases patients have told them that acupuncture treatment has completely changed their lives.

Chris and Vassos are fans of Gerad Kite's treatments and have sought their help for a variety of reasons and recognise the impact acupuncture treatment has had on their overall fitness. Great health, stamina and the mental drive to succeed are the outcome of a balanced body, mind and spirit and they are experts in helping people find that overall balance.

Gerard Kite will be offering free mini-consultations at RunFestRun, leading to a 50% discount for the first treatment at their centres. 

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